Meet Our Editors


Andreea Petrovici

Andreea Petrovici is an MA candidate in Conflict Resolution in Divided Societies at the Department of War Studies, King’s College London. Her interests revolve heavily around the intersection between the internet, intelligence, security, and the financial aspect of war. She has experience as a researcher within the private sector focusing on counter-corruption and the laws of armed conflict.

Associate Editor

Giacomo Guerrini

Giacomo is a third-year History and International Relations student, with a special interest in the manipulation of historical narratives for security purposes. He is interested in counterintelligence and the notion of double agents and how they come to betray their country. In his leisure time, he enjoys writing short stories and novels, mostly thrillers.

Associate Editor

Andrea Peniche

Andrea Peniche Cobo is a third year War Studies and History student. She is especially interested in Latin American politics, especially pertaining to the violence bred by corruption in the region. Outside of university you can find her either on a pony or on a walk.

Associate Editor

Zenge Simakoloyi

After graduating with BA in International Relations Zenge is currently pursuing a postgraduate MSc in Global Affairs. Zenge’s interests primarily lie in the interaction and harmonisation of the traditional security sector and development (human security) in conflict prone areas within the Global South. Zenge spends his time outside of academia editing podcasts, trying out diverse foods and hiking outdoors.

Associate Editor

David Broome

David is studying an Msc In Global Affairs and is in interested in a wide variety of areas in the contemporary intelligence and security arena. He is particularly interested in open source intelligence gathering and security concerns in East Asia and their implications for the wider world. In his spare time he enjoys ultra endurance sports, mountaineering and photography.

Associate Editor

Ashwin Sandhu

Ashwin Sandhu is a 3rd year BA student of History and International Relations in the Department of History, King’s College London. His interests primarily resides in the history of intelligence practices within the ancient world – with specific focus on Imperial Rome.